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250 > 750 > 9500 > 35000 > 52000




The Big Picture

  1. When starting, use all the gift codes.
  2. The goal of the game is to increase your base multiplier.  Completing missions is paramount to anything else  (I call them quests).
  3. 10 Quests equates to +1 Score Multiplier.
  4. Keep your total distance as low as possible if you are trying to finish a quest.  (This is because there is a quest that wants you to beat your previous distance.)
  5. Hierarchy of Priorities:  Quest Completion > Survival > Despicable actions and Power-ups > Bananas

[Incomplete] Quest List

Here are the quests I’ve seen:

Revive [x] Times

Tip: I usually skip this one.

Use the Minion Launcher [x] Times

Self-explanatory. I usually just launch and instantly die.


No tips for this. I hate these.

Accumulate [xx,xxx] Bananas

Tip: Just collect all the bananas you can. I think there is a typo. It says 2,000 bananas when it means 20,000.

Get the Highest Score of Your Friends

Tip: Not sure. You definitely need to be connected to facebook to get this, but I don’t know the least number of friends you need.

Challenge [x] Friends

Tip: Challenge friends with your last run’s score by clicking the bomb icon next to your friends.

Have at least [x] friends

No tips here.

Beat your own Distance [x] Times

This one is horrible.

Jump over/Roll Under an Obstacle [x] Times

Tip: Just haphazardly do these things whenever you have the opportunity. The jumping one is easier.

Find a Secret Room [x] Times

Tip: They are referring to the Disco room in the lab.

Go on [x] Runs:

Tip: I just run and die instantly . Easy multiplier experience. Go on facebook while doing this quest.

Freeze Ray [x] Items and Destroy Them

Tip: For 8 items, you should probably have Level 2 Freeze Ray. For 10, I used level 3 and it was easy. Much of this is luck.

Truce: Don’t Commit a Despicable Action for [x] Meters

Tip: Use the launcher. It gives you a free ~450m with little chance of committing a despicable action.

Chris’ Tip (A reader who commented)
If your phone is on airplane mode, friend scores will not go through. This means that there is no friend minions to attack. So put your phone on Airplane mode before you go on a run, if you’re scared of attacking your friends on high-distance runs.

Paul’s Tip (A reader who commented)
For the same effect as Chris’ tip, just turn off your internet connection. Same thing, right?

For example: I am supposed to go 500m without commiting a despicable action. At 450m, I do not commit a despicable action. I beat my friend’s score and get a despicable bonus. At 500m, the quest should be complete. I’m not sure what happens if you hit their minion. I’m pretty sure hitting a friend minion doesn’t count.

I’m also not sure what happens if you go into Megaminion. When I go Megaminion, I just give up.

Near-miss [x] Times

Tip: You successfully completed a “near miss” when you see a huge buff of smoke and hear a “whoosh” sound. You need to be very close. Is there a way to definitively tell? Not really. This one is not hard. It adds up over time.

Collect a Contest Prize

Tip: Usually easy. Sometimes very difficult. Contest is in: Menu>Social>Weekly Contest. It resets every Sunday.

Commit [x] Despicable Actions in a Run

Tips: This is much easier when Vector comes. Throwing Vector’s little robots at him count as a despicable action.

Spend [x] Bananas

Tips: You should probably level up the one you will use most. Not necessarily the cheapest one.

Inaugural Post: Introduction

Hey all,

I’ve been playing this game for a short time and I wish there was a real guide on this game.

Up until now, all the guides I’ve seen have been very bland, most of them had the exact same content.  It didn’t have the important stuff I wanted to know (What does each upgrade do?  What kinds of quests will I see in the future?).  

Because of that, this blog (guide?) will now exist.  The idea is:  I will post anything I find remotely useful about the game.